Growing up in Denver’s music scene, our wide variety of genres makes it difficult to put a label on our sound. With classic influences such as Prince and The Smiths to newer and more unfamiliar artists such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Night Terrors of 1927, The Griswolds, Alter Bridge, KITTEN and The Hunna, we write original songs and makes covers of those we wish we had written.

Our vocalist, Lizzy Kistler, sings, plays guitar, ukulele, merlin(guitar), bass, piano/keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and some percussion. Lizzy plans to bring her abilities to play other instruments under the spotlight. Going to local shows fuels her to let loose on stage and to take every step to make her dreams come true.

Charlie Nicholson, our drummer can also play saxophone and practices drums with nearly all of his free time. His influences are Scott Philips of Alter Bridge and Ben Minal of Dorje. Charlie also knows a lot about sound and recording.

One of our guitarists, Andy Tran, plays guitar and drums while also having a studio in his basement. This is where we have been recording their covers and demos. Johnny Bond of Catfish and the battlement and Mark Tremonti of Tremonti and Alter Bridge are some of Andy's influences.​

Erik Sophir, who plays bass, spends the majority of his time drinking energy drinks, mostly redbull.

The band met through the music program at Heritage High School. Our common desire to be successful in music was apparent as soon as we started talking. We all inspire each other to be the best musicians we can be and push each other to our limits. We all put their ideas together to create the sound we all want.

Whenever we can, we love to spend time busking downtown and getting to know more of what this city is all about. With the money we make, we enjoy walking around and watching/listening to the other street performers and returning some of our profit to others who may need it. We like to get paid, everyone does, but really we just want people to listen to our music and come to our shows. Making connections with other people is one of our favorite parts of making music.

Photos are by our bud Michael

Generation Nomad isn’t a band who is going to settle for ‘good enough’, we want to blow your mind.